Wedding Tips for Actual Day Weddings – Solemnisation

The following weddings tips are not finalized yet as we wanted to publish it first and slowly edit it along the way. Apologies for any typo and grammatical errors.

Wedding Solemnisations are solemn affairs and the atmosphere are usually tense to reflect the seriousness of it. We hope the guests can understand by actually muting their electronic gadgets (mobile phones, ipads and digital cameras etc) and not being so close to the ceremony area.

(G) – Groom, (B) – Bride

(G) – Ensure that the wedding rings and the ROM certifications are on the ceremony table at least 20 minutes beforehand. We’ll need the time to take good detailed shots of the items.

(G) – Whenever possible, everyone present should be seated down and those with personal DSLRs, handheld cameras and camcorders are to take the photos and video discreetly while continuing seated down. You won’t want your photo and video look distracting with a guest standing in the background while you’re taking your vows and even worse, standing in the middle of the aisle when you’re kissing.

(B)(G) – If there’s any flower girls / ring bearer in front during your entrance, do leave a big gap between you and them. Better yet, let the kids walk-in and settle down first before you do your own walk-in. 

(B)(G) – When putting on the rings, remember it’s the fourth finger of the left hand. Practise! Seriously, it won’t look as nice if you’re doing it ‘live’ without first practicing the sequence beforehand.

(B)(G) – Exchange of rings. If possible both of you should standup from now on. Slowly slide the ring in, do not cover the top of the ring with your fingers so that we can do a close-up shot. Again, practise.

(B)(G) – Say your vows loudly, confidently and do not mumble. Glance into each other’s eyes occasionally and smile if you can.

(B)(G) – Finally the kiss of the lifetime, again it’s not just a peck – kiss like you meant it and enjoy the moment for that few seconds.

(B)(G) – Signing of marriage cert. It’s not a cheque so don’t just scribble but take the time to ink the paper.

(B)(G) – Don’t forget the Justice of Peace’s red packet!

Wedding Tips for Actual Day Weddings – Gatecrashing

The following weddings tips are not finalized yet as we wanted to publish it first and slowly edit it along the way. Apologies for any typo and grammatical errors.

So now everyone’s ready at last and now waiting for the groom. The Sisters are just so eagar and are rolling the red carpet over while awaiting your grand arrival…NOT!

The rather enjoyable and memorable gatecrashing games with better pictures and videos are usually those that feature props, obstacles designed to tease rather than torture. The games are after all, suppose to be fun!

Be a gentleman, keep your cool and don’t underestimate the Sisters as they can be stubborn at some points of time. Do not to insult them and please do not be vulgar or degrade them no matter how pissed-off you all are. Remember you’ll all be hanging out with each other the rest of the day and night.

(G) – Groom, (B) – Bride, (S) – Sisters/Jiemeis, (X) – Brothers/Xiongdis

(G) – Do give a call to the photographer/videographer  about 15 min prior to your arrival. We should have a good estimate if there’s going to be any delays. Do not just arrive unannounced and expect everyone to scramble with the games. 

(G) – As the bridal car arrives, turn on your headlights and honk just a little.  Smoothly decelerate  and come to a stop.

       – After the car door is opened, step out of the vehicle to receive the 2 oranges and give the red packet. Put the 2 oranges back into the bridal car.

       – Assemble all your Brothers and proceed as a group, assume front pole position and lead the way!

(G)(X) – Always leave a distance between the gates and you so that we have space to manevour.

(G)(X) – Infruiting the Sisters with $2 or $4 red packets is just asking for it. Market-rate is about $100+ (total sum) per Sister.

(G)(X) – Play the games with gusto and in the spirit of fun. The idea is to impress the ladies and win them over so they are satisfied in your sincerity in fetching your wife.

(G)(X)(S) – Don’t shy away fron the cameras, just pretend we’re not there and be cool about it. You’re most welcome to pose for the cameras if you want to.

(G)(X)(S) – The most boring yet time-consuming part is haggling over the red packets. Negotiations often break down as both sides refuses to give way. That’s not something you would want to remember your wedding by with the repetitive actions captured on film and photos to be the opening and closing of mouths to shout and the snatching of the red packets. Seriously, the doors can be open wide and you ain’t getting in unless the amount is correct. Forcing your way in won’t reflect good on you, especially on your big day.

(G) – You’ve finally convinced the ladies to let you in. Do not remove your shoes,  just stroll in, look ahead and be confident.

(G) In the house, do out read out loud the vows no matter how ridiculous they may be, all in the name of good fun!

(G)(B) – Once inside the bride’s room, half-kneel and present her with the bridal brouquet. Then stand-up and open the veil smoothly gwith both hands. Take your time to unveil all to the way back. Hold her arms or hands and give her a good kiss on the lips – not a quick peck but a real good kiss lasting a few seconds! Don’t turn and look at the cameras straightaway, continue glancing into each others eyes. Everyone is welcomed to cheer out loud to liven up the atmosphere.

(G)(B) – Now that the diffcult part is over, just relax and hold hands, glance and smile at each other just like when you’re still dating – for the rest of the day and night and ever after :)