Make-up artist’s arrival timing in the morning

During the peak wedding periods and especially on certain hot wedding dates, there might be a short supply of make-up artists and a few of them might need to do make-ups for 2 or even 3 brides on a single morning.

This may result in some of them turning up unexpectedly 1 or 2 hours in advance before the agreed timing and doing a very rushed job. The photographer and videographer will arrive on time only to face a sleepy bride with all her make-up completed.

What we really want is to start our storytelling with the beaming bride enjoying the morning preparations of her big day.



We’ll usually advice our couples to plan the timing of the make-up artist exactly 2 hours before the arrival of the groom. The make-up session shouldn’t take more than 1 hour 30mins, leaving us 30mins for portraits, group phototaking and veiling of the bride.

Here’s a few tips to prevent your make-up session from starting way too early.

  • Contact the make-up artist a few days before and let him/her know that you’ll only start the make-up at the agreed timing. Check if he/she is doing another bride before or after you.
  • If the make-up artist really arrived early, let him/her in and insist on taking a looong morning shower and be ready at the agreed time.
  • Contact the photographer and videographer as they might be nearby having breakfast and can start early.

Hope this helps for a great start to your big day!




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