Playing of Photo and Video Montages during the Wedding Banquet

Just had an interesting chat with Steven, about his upcoming wedding in October. We were talking on how to go about playing my Same Day Edits during his banquet and this led to me describing in details on how some of the other hotels had screwed up their couple’s photo/video presentations. Here’s a few tips I shared with him on how to go about minimizing Murphy’s law.


Typically at a luncheon/dinner banquet , the Audio and Video presentations will be played in this order.

  1. Pre-wedding photos slideshow
  2. Childhood montage
  3. 1st March-in music
  4. 1st dish presentation music
  5. Same Day Edits Video
  6. 2nd March-in music
  7. (optional) Filler music for champagne pouring/toasting and speeches

Generally, it’s a good idea to use the hotel’s CD player for all the music presentations, your own laptop for pre-wedding photo slideshow and childhood montage, hotel’s DVD player for Same Day Edits video.

Music presentations

Make sure all your music presentations are in Audio CD format (not MP3 or WMA format).

Do not combine all the music tracks into one CD, instead burn one CD for each music track and label it directly on the CD using a CD marker(1st March-in, 2nd March-in etc).

Video presentations

For the pre-wedding photos slideshow, the easiest way will be to loop it using Windows or Mac’s default slideshow viewer.

Download and use VLC player instead (it’s free, Windows and Mac compatible)  to play your childhood montage as it works with most video codecs and doesn’t lag.

My Same Day Edits will be in DVD-video format to make it easier for the hotel AV to test. When required, I can also render out a video file in mp4 format to be played using your laptop.


For every audio and video presentation that’s to be played, test the entire track. Don’t assume the first few seconds will work all the way. I’ve witnessed many awkward moments among the couple and the guests when the music suddenly skipped and stopped half-way during the couples’ march-in.

With the exception of the Same Day Edits, you should test everything during the hotel rehearsals a few days before the wedding and again on the actual day before the cocktail reception.

Actual presentation

If possible, do wait for all the lights to be dimmed first before playing any of video montages. This will give a bit of time for your guests to settle down and focus their attention on the video from the very beginning.

What if something really went wrong? 

If the march-in music suddenly stopped, the MC(s) should react fast and hype the guests to continue cheering even louder! The couple should carry on their march-in normally.

Should the video presentation crash, rather than skipping the whole presentation, try to replay the video from the very beginning again. While rectifying the problem, the MC(s) can crack a few jokes, even lame ones to keep the guests entertained and the tempo up.

So there you go, a few tips for you to take note when planning for your music and video presentations. With a bit of luck and lots of testing, everything should run smoothly during your big day!



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