Wedding Tips for Actual Day Weddings – Preparations

Wedding Tips for Actual Day Weddings – Preparations
Wedding Tips for Actual Day Weddings – Preparations

After several months of painstaking preparations and before you know it – Today’s finally your Big Day!

We’ve experienced some smooth and not-so-smooth weddings and along the way, identified some issues that can be easily rectified with just a little bit of tweaks here and there. But it’s still your wedding after-all and you can just let the course of the day run by themselves. We’ll still want you to look as natural as possible without too many details clogging up your mind.

The wedding tips we’ll be sharing will be constantly updated with inputs from the both of us, fellow wedding couples, friends in the wedding industry and our readers. Drop us a comment if you have some useful information that you’ll want to share it with us too. In this post, we’ll be focusing more on the morning preparation of a traditional chinese actual wedding day but parts of it’ll still be applicable for weddings preparations starting in the afternoon or evenings. Do look out for our later posts on wedding tips for the gatecrashing, church ceremony and solemnisation segments.

Here we go!

(B) For the Bride , (G) For the Groom

(B)(G) Do have that few hours of sleep, no matter how difficult or short it is. Your mood will be better and you’ll look better too.

– (B) Try to have a bit of food before you start your make-up as not to smear your lip-stick once it has been applied.

– (B) It’ll be good if the room you’re doing your make-up is solely for you only. Your family and friends can do their make-up/preparations somewhere else if they can help it. This will help to minimize the distractions to you, make-up artist and us.

(B) Remove the protective covering from your bridal gown and hang it up in a nice uncluttered part of the room where you’ll be doing your makeup. Doors or window frames are usually used to hang it up, a nice clothes hanger is also encouraged.

(B) Likewise, do bring out your bridal shoes and place them near your gown where we can see it. If you have any specific items of sentimental value such as jewelleries or hand-made decorations,do let us know so that we can get some details shots of them.

(B)(G) Work your timing back-works. For example : If the groom is to arrive at 8am, the bride’s make-up must be completed by 7.40am (+20 minutes buffer time). So the make-up should start at 6 – 6.30am depending on the speed of your make-up artist. Alternatively, the groom can arrive at a slightly later time.

(B) Before your makeup begin, let your make-up artist know the time that your make-up must be completed. Allow another 20 minutes buffer time for the veiling of the bride and some photo/video taking.

(G) Do give a call the bride’s side before you step out of the house, be it the sisters or the photo/videographer. If the make-up happened to be delayed, you can standby at home first or go for a quick breakfast!

(G) Try not to arrive at bride’s side too early or else everyone will be in a harried state of mind. There’ll be a flurry of last minute activities, some shouting here and there and tempers might flare –  not pretty sight to witness. The groom will still have to wait for the bride to be veiled before we can proceed to the bridal car for the customary opening of the car door. So if you feel you’re too early, stay and relax in the car(don’t keep honking!) or go for a quick breakfast!

(B)(G) Go for a quick breakfast! You’ll need the energy to sustain both of you throughout the morning and it’ll be quite sometime before both of you can get a chance to eat.

With a good start in the morning, half of your wedding day ‘battles’ are already won. So remember to smile often,  relax and have a great time enjoying the rest of the day!

More to come, stay tuned :)

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