Ben Lim | Hweestudios

Ben first started in wedding photography which developed into his passion for the art of cinematography.

Combining both his photography and cinematography experiences and know-how, Ben blends both disciplines into his own style of storytelling.

Firmly believing in a non-intrusive  approach, Ben prefers to let moments unravel by themselves. His distinctive cinematic style lets viewers relive the day again from his ever popular Morning Video Highlights or Same Day Edits (SDE)

Ben is also one of the few cinematographers to merge the highlights of the luncheon / banquet ROM solemnization ceremony and even the first march-in into the SDE without the need of an additional editor or videographer.

If you’re holding a wedding luncheon and would like to show the happenings in the morning, Ben is also able to whip out an express highlights video with 2.5 hours of editing time on-site at the hotel.

Ben is a member of the Wedding PhotoJournalist Association WPJA.

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